No one saw the struggle, they just saw the report.

Anonymous asked: when r u moving to new orleans


Next month. Hahah do you want my whole itinerary or what…

Anonymous asked: why are u moving


Well anon, this is a shit town filled with things and people I no longer want to be around. Besides, who would rather live in Maine than New Orleans…?

Anonymous asked: Hahahaha people are pathetic morg, and kristen wouldnt do shit (;


It is what it is. Who is this haha??

Anonymous asked: Ok so i spelled her name wrong but dont you think kristen* would adress you herself if she knew? These probably annoying but just curious and bored... and you avoided the whole question and youll probably avoid the whole thing again and just be a bitch which leads one to think you still love him i could give you advice on how to get over it haha


No one should even care, considering the fact we don’t speak to one another. We were friends for 6 years, obviously I want the best for him just like I do all my other friends. Hahaha that doesn’t mean I still want him nor does it mean I’m trying to get with him.

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Some people smoke,
others drink, and others fall in love,
each one dies from a different way.
Anonymous asked: why would it be obvious you still cared about evan?? has there ever even been anything between the two of you... also going to assume Kristin would have the guts to say something to you herself if she knew you cared about her boyfriend..


Spelled her name wrong ;)

Anonymous asked: Not kristen but you look stupid assuming that. Just looking out for two people i care about, bitch. Thanks for the answer though, ill pass it on that you still care about him ;)


You look stupid for continuing to ask me about someone who I haven’t had contact with in months. Like why don’t you just drop the whole subject and move on hahaha..Not really “looking out” for them, you’re just being extremely nosey.

Anonymous asked: why am I annoying because you wont answer my question. all I wanted to know was if I stood a chance with you before asking. don't really care now tho.


The only question I ever got was about Evan, so I assumed that’s what you were talking about..

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